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For those who want to have a whole experience, for those who prefer a personalized proposal, for those who want to have a direct and exclusive contact with their Coach, for those who feel that they have special needs, we recommend one of our individual lessons.


€ 38,00

Lesson time is 55 minutes.

€10.00 surcharge for each additional person.

Ask for the WILD CARD and every 15 lessons you will have 1 FREE!

For those who love to share their experiences, to those who want to improve by keeping costs and to those who see learning as an opportunity to make new friends, we recommend choosing one of our group courses.

 1 DAY

€ 45,00


€ 125,00


€ 200,00

For adults and children (from 6 years).

Prices are per person and for 3 hours of lesson.

The lesson days are consecutive.